Leaving for a week

2011-07-25 13:36:15 by MeteorManMike

I will be attending the week-long Cadet International Camporee, starting Wed. Any reviews, PMs, comments and the like will be responded to upon my return. In the meantime, enjoy this.

Relatively little interest in my demo version of Medallion of Light. That much I expected. I haven't done very much with the actual game, other than scripting it a bit and adding a few more rooms. Don't hold your breath just yet, 'course you probably weren't in the first place.

I plan to continue posting music for a while until I get motivated to work on MoL some more. Just hasn't been much interest from anyone. At least my music's getting some decent votes and helpful reviews (Thanks RRC!!). I guess, let me know if you're interested and I'll try to speed up production.

MeteorManMike, signing out.

I've just released the first world of Medallion of Light! You can go and play it here. Let me know what you think of it!
Note: you only have to download the plugin if you want to play it online. You can download the exe file to play it directly on your computer.

If you're going to bash my audio, at least give me a reason, or what to improve. Otherwise why waste the effort if no one likes it.


2011-01-21 17:39:38 by MeteorManMike

MeteorManMike here. Just uploaded my first music piece, currently waiting for approval.
Check out my Youtube channel
And my YoYo games account
when you get the time.